Benefits of Domestic Discipline -my view

Adapted from You can go there to buy his book. I’ve re-written it from a women’s perspective.

6 Reasons a Spanked Wife Is a Happy Wife

Wives, is your husband spanking you? If not, are you asking him too?

Are you shocked – and possibly abhorred – by the very thought of it?
Do the floods of information that you have been programmed with over the years flood into your mind and tell you that a man hitting a women is wrong?
Do you think to yourself, how could a man spank his wife these days? Are you crazy? Relationships are supposed to be equal!
Despite this, does a little part of you deep-down inside know that an “equal relationship” means the women is actually wearing the pants, and you secretly
relish having this control over your husband? Do you say you wish he would “lead” you with your mouth, and despise him for not leading you?

I hate to break it to you, but there is no such thing as an equal relationship. It’s a myth, invented by the liberal women’s rights activists in an attempt
to distort the system designed by God for families. Somebody wears the pants in every relationship. It’s either you, or it’s your husband.

Who wears the pants in your relationship?

Have you ever considered that millions of men world-wide and billions of men in generations past regularly practiced domestic discipline,
all the way up until the 1960’s and the beginning of the attack on family values?
Have you stopped to think long and hard that your husband being in charge of your household might actually be a positive thing, just as God intended?
Rather than thinking of “spanking” as a perverse activity designed to humiliate and undermine women, I want you to think of it as an
age-old proven activity designed to promote and optimise women, helping them grow and mature into the role God designed for them – wives and mothers.

Deep down in your heart you know that your husband’s rightful place is at the head of your home. The only question is are you willing to let him lead?
The happiest and most successful relationships are those lead by strong, stable, grounded men. So-called “equal partner” relationships are
rotten, promoting conflicted and twisted gender roles. Look back to the relationship your grandparents held. Look back to the 1950s, when a
generation of men returned from war and sat proudly in the safety of their homes in a country they had fought for. Look back to Bible times, when
life was much simpler and God’s patriarchal family system was still intact. If you look around you today, you cannot dispute that the family unit has
gone to hell in a hand basket. Men are leaving their wives and families to live with a younger girl. Women are leaving their husbands and sometimes even
children because as a whole, society has taught us that “I” am the center of the universe. It’s all about “ME” and my needs. If you examine Scripture,
you see that this is totally opposite of what it teaches. We are to put other’s needs before our own. To think of others first. In the last 50 years, there
has been a very concentrated attack on the value of the family unit here in America. Mothers who choose to stay home with their children are scorned and
looked down on as being less than the woman who leaves her home and children in pursuit of the American dream. In addition, we have constantly been bombarded
with the nonsense that women should demand equal “rights” as men; told that somehow having a different role to play in the family somehow makes us less valuable
and “discriminated against”. It’s all a plan of the enemy to make us as women become discontent with the role God has assigned us and the VALUE we have as wives
and mothers. It is only when we find our place in God’s design that we can become truly happy.

A spanked wife is a happy wife. I guarantee it, and here are 6 reasons why:

#1 – It will keep you calm.
Dominant women easily loose their calm. Dominant women are chaotic.
In fact, there is no such thing as a truly dominant women. All women have an innate need to submit. When you see a women acting in a dominant role,
what you are seeing is a submissive inner-core covered in layers and layers of psychologically conditioned pseudo-dominant behavior. She was not designed
to be that way. By choosing to submit yourself to the authority God has placed in your life, you fulfill your innermost need to be lead, protected and
controlled. When men and women are filling their innate biological roles, they are calm, comfortable and happy – because they are in their natural roles.
When you are in your natural role, dominated, protected and provided for, you will have stucture and loose that sense of the chaotic.
Regularly spanked women are some of the most peaceful, loving, switched-on and in-touch with themselves people you will meet.

#2 – It will build intimacy.
Consensual spanking is one of the most intimate acts that a man and women can partake in. You are giving up total control to your husband. There is no greater trust.
Spanking is an emotional experience above a physical one. Hopefully, you are in a relationship with a Godly man, who would never abuse his role as your head. I am not
in any way advocating that this should be practiced by anyone who does not have a Christian spouse- one who you can discuss clear expectations with before hand and WILL NOT
under any circumstances abuse his role as the head of the home.

#3 – It will demonstrate love
A great man is benevolent. He is guide, a teacher and a leader. When you scrub your mind clear of all the “equality” nonsense and accept that naturally
men lead and women follow, then it is not a far stretch to accept that there is no greater manifestation of a man’s love than his guidance and discipline.
Think about it. Do you enjoy punishing your children? Do you believe that to not punish them when they do wrong is to allow them to continue down a path that
will ultimately cause them harm? Isn’t your discipline actually a sign of your love; even though it is not easy for you as a parent? Why do you think it would be any
different with your husband?

#4 – It will defuse arguments
We all know how tiring a bad argument between a couple can be. Bad arguments can trail on for days, as tension grows and goes unresolved.
I’ll let you in on a secret: healthy relationships don’t have arguments. Households run with domestic discipline don’t have arguments.
When the man leads the relationship with love concern for his wife, and and the women willingly submits to his leadership, there is no longer any such thing as
conflict. The wife is comfortable in her role as a helpmeet, and feels free to voice her concerns and her preferences. The husband lovingly considers her say and
makes the final decision. Any rudeness or disrespect following that will be quickly dealt with by an over-the-knee spanking. And with the spanking all tension is
instantly defused. The husband has directed his resolution to the matter and that is the end of it. The matter is never mentioned again. Say goodbye to arguments
and the sick residue they leave behind when you enter into your role as a wife.
#5 – It will make you feel great
There is nothing in this world like the feeling of being confident in your role as a wife and mother. With your husband’s accountability, you will achieve more
in the day. Those things you know you should do, but don’t will end up getting done. Discipline is a good motivator. Just as the husband is to find his identity and
place in Christ, you will find your identity and place in your husband. You will have a flush of confidence and your your achievements will help you feel good about yourself.
Not only that, submitting to your husband will improve his happiness and satisfaction in your relationship as he grows into the role God has assigned him. Have you ever
heard the saying “Make your man feel like a king, and you will become his queen.”? A benevolent king would never harm his queen. He trusts her, needs her, and he values
her above all else. You are of great value to him.

#6 – It will maintain erotic tension
This should possibly be #1. Sex is the essential glue that binds a relationship together. We have all heard that in relationships, the sex is great at first, but
goes downhill once the relationship gets dull or stale. A household run with domestic discipline is a household turbo-charged with sexual power.
This – above anything – will keep the relationship running on full-steam.
Sex will never get stale, as both partners are fulfilling their innate biological roles and continue to be attracted to each other on this basis.

As you consider this information I have given you, please remember that a relationship that includes domestic discipline MUST be consensual. If either party is
not ok with it, it becomes abuse. You need to discuss with your husband and agree before hand exactly what is the role of a Godly wife. If at any time your husband
asks you to do something that is in direct violation of God’s Word, obviously you cannot do that. However, I encourage you to think/study what exactly is expected of a
wife in the patriarchal family order, as much of what we are programmed with growing up these days is a direct counterfeit to what has gone on for centuries. Talk to
your husband openly, and pray about your roles as husband and wife. Leadership and submission will look slightly different for every couple. It’s a good idea to write
down expectations, both what is expected and what can be expected if those expectations are not met (punishment).
A Spanked Wife is a Happy Wife.
Thank you for reading. For more info or to have any questions answered, please feel free to leave a comment. 🙂


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